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Discounts in december: 10% on all Fertilizer and AutoPot!  ;  5% on SANlight LED!   15% on Boveda!

Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Air conditioning technology for greenhouses, grow boxes and grow tents

We have the right solution for every situation. Plants need fresh air to breathe!

Planplanet has everything you need for the perfect climate for your plants. Our offer offers you professional air conditioning , for the optimally coordinated exhaust air and supply air of indoor plant growing rooms & Greenhouses, of every shape and size.

EC fans

Of course we keep up with the times and have long since switched to EC fans. What else is out of the question for us, in times when everyone is talking about saving electricity. Fans with EC motors are economical in consumption, generate more pressure and can be dimmed down to 0% without annoying humming noises. We offer fans with integrated climate control as well as with external climate control. EC motors are controlled with 0-10V.

Fresh clean air for your loved ones

Professional air conditioning technology from Plantplanet and your green darlings can breathe again!

Climate control

Let's get to the heart of every grow system. Without sensible climate control there will always be problems sooner or later. The art is to copy nature as best as possible. This requires all sorts of electronic devices for the grow room. Of course, these consumers can all be set and controlled manually, but that makes little sense. Therefore, professional climate control is essential and is always required. Any number of different consumers can be connected to a so-called climate controller and regulated in terms of consumption. Humidifiers, circulating air fans, heating, cooling, Co2 valves, water pumps and supply and exhaust air fans are just a few of the important devices required for a functioning climate.