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New Products and Bargains

Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish 1 Liter

Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish 1 liter

€ 18,00 *
€ 18,00 per 1 l
Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X 1 Liter

Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X 1 liter

€ 74,00 *
€ 74,00 per 1 l
Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom 1L

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom 1 liter

€ 10,00 *
€ 10,00 per 1 l
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra 1 Liter

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra 1 liter

€ 24,00 *
€ 24,00 per 1 l
Advanced Nutrients Sensizym 1 Liter

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym 1 liter

€ 29,00 *
€ 29,00 per 1 l
Rhizoflora Terpinator 946 ml

Rhizoflora Terpinator 946ml

€ 29,00 *
€ 30,66 per 1 l
Organics Nutrients Mykoriza premium 100g

Organics Nutrients Mykoriza premium 100g

€ 22,00 *
€ 220,00 per 1 kg

Top Products

Extraktions Auffangschale 900ml

Aeros extraction bowl 900ml

€ 10,00 *
€ 11,11 per 1 l
bluelab KCL Aufbewahrungsflüssigkeit 100ml

bluelab KCL storage liquid 100ml

€ 10,00 *
€ 10,00 per 100 ml
Grow Pflanzen Dünger Bio Nova MgO 10 %, 1 L

Bio Nova MgO 10 Magnesium 1 liter

€ 15,00 *
€ 15,00 per 1 l
AEROS DME Dimethylether 500ml

Aeros DME Dimethylether 500ml

€ 9,00 *
€ 18,00 per 1 l
BioTabs Bio PK 5-8 500 ml

BioTabs Bio PK 5-8 500ml

€ 25,00 *
€ 5,00 per 100 ml
BioBizz Light-Mix 50 Liter Pflanzerde

BioBizz Light Mix 50 liters

€ 13,00 *
€ 0,26 per 1 l

Start home growing with Plantplanet Growshop

Welcome to our online shop! We are your partner in crime when it comes to creating the perfect environment for your plants. On top of traditional techniques like pots and saucers or nutrients, we also offer you modern technology like ventilation or hydration systems.

Ideal for home growers, plant lovers, raw foodies or CBD patients

You want to grow your own plants? Especially when it comes to exotics, the living room often is simply not suitable. We offer the perfect tools for your wildest home growing dreams. Start growing your own plants from veggies to medicinal marihuana. Our fair-priced home grow sets, the GrowBox or grow tents help you with your task.

Buy high quality fertilizer and nutrients

In our shop, we offer the best available products surrounding home gardening. That includes all sorts of tools, Vaporizers, seeds, nutrients and different types of technology. Take a look at our offerings and find the right bargains. Our sets already include everything you need for a first setup. We want to make home growing as beginner-friendly as possible. For the experts, we also offer top-notch products from the best manufacturers on the market. You can update your existing setup and find exactly what you need.

Home growing systems

You want to know our specialty? We are proud to announce that we are the only official HOMEbox Dealer in the German region of Thuringia. If you live in that area, we are your number one partner when it comes to plant care and home growing. We like to build a strong connection, not only to our customers but to manufacturers as well. This way, we always know first about new products in development and can get great prices for our customers. We offer a wide arrangement of Grow Boxes and Grow tents, including complete sets for easy access. Delivery rarely takes longer than 2-7 days (International Shipping might take longer, depending on the country). Based on the size of your apartment or house, we always find the right solution for you and your individual growing goal. We work with a lot of different companies to always be able to find the product you need.

Good luck growing wishes Plantplanet - Your online shop for all your grow needs yesyes