Discounts in december: 10% on all Fertilizer and AutoPot!  ;  5% on SANlight LED!   15% on Boveda!

Maximize the yield with the perfect Growmix Fertilizer! Cheap and perfect for your plant

Discounts in december: 10% on all Fertilizer and AutoPot!  ;  5% on SANlight LED!   15% on Boveda!

Fertilizer, Nutrients & Growing Media

Grow fertilizer and organic plant nutrients for healthy, resilient plants

Our range of plant fertilizers has been carefully selected for you.

Plants have very specific requirements when it comes to location, water and soil. In order for them to grow into beautiful, healthy and resilient plants, they need the right plant nutrients. In our shop you will find a wide selection of products that promote the growth and vitality of your plants in a natural way. Grow fertilizers, organic fertilizers or liquid nutrient solutions, root aids or special greenhouse products strengthen your plants, stimulate growth and thus promote yields. For our grow fertilizers, we rely on well-known brands and proven products in order to offer you the best possible quality - and a wide range that covers as many areas of plant breeding as possible, from agriculture to plant husbandry at home.

We would like to offer you everything you need for plant breeding from a single source, so that you can create the best possible conditions for your plants. Our shop therefore not only offers organic fertilizers and plant nutrients, but also organic soil and substrates for a wide variety of cultivation purposes, grow systems, cultivation media and perlite, mineral fertilizers and potting soil. For example, the practical coconut substrate is very popular, which is very light when dry and requires little storage space. It easily stores large amounts of water, swelling to several times its original volume. This makes it ideal for plants that prefer well-aerated soil and for long-term and permanent crops. Super suitable for automatic irrigation systems and grow systems from growTOOL.

Bio Nova - new standards for healthy plants

The Bio Nova brand is based on practical experience and the results of modern research. Since it was founded in the 1990s, it has been part of Bio Nova's company policy to work together with external specialists. In this way, Bio Nova can offer you products of the highest quality for your growing and flowering plants. Bio Nova is also responsible for the environment and the needs of customers. For example with the Bio Nova Veganics Line, natural organic fertilizers that stimulate plant growth and are completely environmentally friendly. In contrast to other products, no animal corpses are used in the fertilizer in the Bio Nova Veganics Line. This is how the liquid fertilizer Bio Nova Silution silica naturally strengthens your plants and supports their growth.

Plant nutrients and substrates of the highest quality

You can rely on us to offer you substrates and plant nutrients of the highest quality. Therefore, use the professional solutions for successful plant growth from the companies Bio Nova, BioBizz, BioTabs, Canna, Guanokalong, HESI, and TA Terra Aquatica (formerly GHE), to name just a few of the brands that you will find in our extensive range can.

Simply more powerful - grow fertilizer

Give your plants an extra performance boost with Grow fertilizer. Plant nutrients are essential for your plants to grow and thrive. But if you want to be sure that you are giving the plants real quality products, then use the grow fertilizer products from our range, for example Bio Nova Soil-Supermix soil from Bio Nova for a compact flowering period.

Organic soil

Successful plant breeding also includes the right soil. We offer you top products, such as the Biobizz ALL-MIX 50 liter heavily fertilized substrate mixture. The high-quality fertilizer is already mixed in here. The Bio Nova soil Bionova Soilmix 50 liters can also be used in organic farming. These are just two examples from our top offer.

Bio Nova Veganics - 100% vegan organic fertilizer

We visit the manufacturer Bio Nova regularly. It is important for us to always be able to provide our Bio Nova customers with up-to-date information. The close contact with Bio Nova makes it possible for Plantplanet to supply fresh fertilizer.