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Discounts in december: 10% on all Fertilizer and AutoPot!  ;  5% on SANlight LED!   15% on Boveda!

Pots & Saucers

Only the best "shoes" for plants

With us you will find different sizes, shapes and materials of planters. From pots, bowls and flood tables to simple coasters. Everyone will find the right shoe for their favorites here.

What makes a good pot?

The questions of all questions. But actually quite easy to answer. Everyone knows that plants have roots. But little is heard about the formation of marigold roots. Then the problem begins to go round in circles, ever further. This must be prevented so that the energy is not constantly put into the formation of the main roots. We want the formation of small hair roots, for the oxygen uptake that is so important in the root zone. Earthworms are responsible for this outside, we rarely have a worm in the pot :-) but that is also possible and would ensure great ventilation.

Special pots now ensure excellent ventilation and counteract a marigold root. Air-Pots, fabric pots and lattice pots have air-permeable pot walls and ensure the formation of fine hair roots. At the same time, the pots counteract the ring-root formation in that the roots grow in a star shape from the center to the edge of the pot. Once there, the root tip dries up and the plant forms new roots towards the edge of the pot.

Garland planters in different sizes

Garland bowls are made from durable injection molded recycled polypropylene. Ideal for repotting or for your own irrigation systems. Also ideal as a water storage container for pots and as a seed tray. Also useful as a commercial drip tray for storing oils and chemicals. There are many other potential uses such as a sand pit for children, a plant watering drawer for garden centers and a cement mixing drawer to name a few.