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Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are an essential accessory for any indoor grower looking to minimize odors from their grow room or grow tent. Our shop offers a wide selection of high-quality activated carbon filters that effectively remove unwanted odors from the exhaust air, thus ensuring discretion and anonymity when gardening.

The activated carbon filters in our range are made from robust materials and have multiple layers of activated carbon to ensure maximum filter performance. They are available in different sizes and connection types to ensure an optimal fit for your fan and duct systems.

It is important to regularly check filter performance and replace activated carbon filters as necessary to ensure consistent filter performance. We encourage you to carefully review our product details to ensure you are selecting the right activated carbon filter for your exhaust needs.

The activated carbon filter should be hung as high as possible. Because the used and heated air collects at the top. The activated charcoal filter is installed in front of the exhaust air fan so that particles and odors are removed from the intake air as soon as the air passes through the ACF. The now filtered air leaves the grow box via the exhaust air hose and is free of all strong odours. In the best case, the activated carbon filter should always have 25% more air flow (m³/h) than the exhaust air fan. This is the only way to ensure that all particles and odors are removed.


  • The AKF should be positioned in such a way that the pre-filter and (if necessary) the AKF can be replaced quickly and safely on a regular basis. The pre-filter fleece should be replaced at the latest every 3 months.
  • Damp rooms, high humidity above 75% or an air humidifier near the activated carbon filter reduce the life expectancy immensely: the pores in the activated carbon become clogged and can no longer absorb odor molecules that pass by. It is therefore necessary to work with osmosis water, otherwise the lime particles will clog the pores of the activated carbon. Theoretically, granulated coal has no problem with high humidity, as long as water and dust particles do not block the pores together, like concrete. If the humidity is over 80%, let the ACF dry while it is running so that the moisture can get out of the coal.

We recommend always having a spare activated charcoal filter (ACF) ready so that the activated charcoal filter can be replaced in good time even in emergencies.