Discounts in december: 10% on all Fertilizer and AutoPot!  ;  5% on SANlight LED!   15% on Boveda!

Maximize the yield with the perfect Growmix Fertilizer! Cheap and perfect for your plant

Discounts in december: 10% on all Fertilizer and AutoPot!  ;  5% on SANlight LED!   15% on Boveda!

Bio Nova is proud to offer Bio Nova premium fertilizer for all growing and flowering plants in Germany. Since the early 1990s, Bio Nova has been known as a manufacturer of high-end products based on years of study and research, enriched with practical experience and deep knowledge.

Bio Nova fertilizer for plant breeding - quality, purity and environmental friendliness

Our unique products are characterized by quality, purity, environmental friendliness, ease of use, high yields and superior end results. We are also proud to have set a new level of organic growth with Veganics, setting a new benchmark for the entire industry.

Bio Nova Veganics Fertilizer

Bio Nova Veganics fertilizer is 100% vegan and animal cadaver free to ensure clean and honest plant fertilization. It contains only plant-based raw materials mixed with pure and original sea minerals. In addition, it is free of heavy metals and pollutants, making it perfect for anyone looking for a pure nutrient for their plants.

The combination of Bio Nova Veganics GROW and BLOOM ensures a balance in both the substrate and the plant, resulting in effective substrate life and strong plants with higher productions. The fruits and flowers have better quality, better taste and improved shelf life.

We also offer a standard fertilization with just two products that can be used on any inert or artificial substrate. Nutri Forte A + B and Coco Forte A + B are the perfect choice for fertilizing rockwool or coir. We also offer a range of SuperMixes including Soil SuperMix, Hydro-SuperMix and NFT Aqua-SuperMix.

For even better results, we recommend our certified organic bio-stimulators such as Silution, The Missing Link and BN-Zym. These products promote plant health and improve growth, flowering and harvesting.

Our advanced fertilization uses four products including BN Roots, BN-Zym, The Missing Link and BN X-Cel to increase the development and flowering time of each plant for a higher and better yield. These products also offer better plant-based results and improve root protection, development and stress resistance in a plant-based algae and other key building blocks.