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Discounts in december: 10% on all Fertilizer and AutoPot!  ;  5% on SANlight LED!   15% on Boveda!

Grow Lights

Why special plant lighting?

(Sun)light is absolutely necessary for the survival of most plants. In their natural environment, plants interact with special radiation ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, the so-called plant light. It is important to recognize that natural plant lighting always has a very different composition depending on location and the course of the sun. Especially in the temperate climate zones, the lighting quality changes with the change of seasons and the position of the sun, as does the exposure time due to different lengths of day and night. Depending on their species, age and stage of development, plants react accordingly and differently to the given lighting situation according to the currently active bioprograms.

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In nature, plant lighting acts on the one hand as a controlling regulator or, to put it simply, like a clock. On the other hand, it functions as part of a highly complex biochemical reaction - called photosynthesis - but also as an energy source and activator. The green leaf pigment chlorophyll absorbs the "photosynthetically active radiation" (PAR) visible to plants from the available wave spectrum. With this lighting energy, the plant converts water and carbon dioxide in the air into organic compounds such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oxygen. These serve the plant as building materials, auxiliary materials and nutrients. Ergo, light is in many respects the essential basis for almost all plant metabolism, development and maturation processes.

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When keeping plants indoors, growing them indoors or overwintering them, the task of the successful hobby gardener is precisely to simulate natural sunlight with species-appropriate artificial plant lighting. The lighting cocktail to be supplied must be optimally matched in terms of quality and quantity to the type of plant to be illuminated, its age and the respective growth or flowering phase, or it must be offered in a manipulated form according to the desired development results.

So the better you know and can meet the needs of your plant, the more it will thank you with a long life, healthy growth and flowers.

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