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Discounts in december: 10% on all Fertilizer and AutoPot!  ;  5% on SANlight LED!   15% on Boveda!

Grow Equipment

Growing supplies for breeding plants

It's not always easy to love plants. Plants need the right care and environment to thrive. Each plant species is unique and requires a very specific combination of temperature, light, humidity, fertilizer and water. With our grow supplies products, you can influence all of these factors and create the ideal environmental conditions for each plant. Whether in a grow room, grow tent or indoor garden: With the high-quality grow supplies from Plantplanet, your garden is guaranteed to be a success.

Grow Box & Indoor greenhouse

There is a suitable grow box for every gardener and every home. Depending on the structure, you can do justice to the natural conditions of your home, find the exclusive professional solution or the budget-friendly variant for beginners. Our goal is to offer you the best selection and a large overview of grow tents so that you can make your choice. If you have any questions about cultivation with grow boxes, we will of course be happy to advise you at any time.


Nothing grows without light! One of the most important factors in any grow room is the lighting. As everyone probably already knows, light is irreplaceable for the metabolism and synthesis of a plant. In nature, the plant absorbs sunlight. However, if the garden is to be laid out indoors, you need to do some extra work. There are different types of lighting, from LED lamps to sodium vapor lamps and metal halide lamps. We would be happy to advise you on the different light sources for your grow room and find the right lamps for your needs and budget.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Every grow room needs a good ventilation system. This not only has to do with hygiene management and odor control, but should also provide the plants with enough fresh air for photosynthesis. Without an exhaust fan, the air inside the grow room or grow box is quickly used up. The humidity can hardly be controlled in this way and the temperature will quickly get out of control without sufficient air conditioning. Therefore, work with exhaust and circulating air fans in your grow room. As a result, the air not only remains in constant exchange, but also in motion. Outdoors, plants are rarely exposed to an absolute lull. By creating air movement in the grow room, you simulate wind and stimulate your plants to grow more robustly and healthily.


Only good and regular watering ensures healthy plants. So that you as a gardener don't have to do as much work and don't have to keep coming up with the watering can, there are different options for automatic watering. This can save you a lot of work. You can find the right products such as pumps, tanks and complete systems in our shop.


Fertilizers serve multiple purposes in your garden. The most important of these is the nutrient supply for the plant. In a conventional outdoor garden, microorganisms and decomposing plants and microorganisms provide sufficient nutrients. However, in a plant pot or grow room, the amount of soil is severely limited and naturally the plants will consume it quickly. It is therefore necessary to fertilize from a certain point in time so that the plants always have enough nutrients. This supports healthy plant growth. At the same time, fertilizer gives the plant an extra push. Giving the right amount of fertilizer at the right time can give exceptionally good plant growth. You also prevent deficiency symptoms that can damage the plant or reduce the harvest.
In our shop you will find different types of fertilizer, from purely biological fertilizers to chemical ones. Depending on the plants you're growing and your growing philosophy, a different method may be more appropriate. You decide which fertilizers and substrates you want to work with.


There are different soils and substrates for the grow room that can be used successfully for planting. In our range you will find special growing media for growing your own seedlings from seeds. Coco and coconut soil are also particularly suitable for young plants. Soil is of course a classic and a real all-rounder in the grow room, which can forgive many mistakes. Perlite and correls are suitable for hydroponics, but can also be used to loosen soil. Rockwool growing blocks and other forms of this exciting medium round off our range of substrates.

Hygiene management and plant protection

Good hygiene management is essential to ensure that there is no risk to the health of your plants in the grow room. You will find numerous products in our range that can make this project easier for you. Here you will find disinfectants for surface cleaning, but also various technical and biological plant aids. Fight pests with our beneficial insects, buy disposable gloves and equip yourself optimally for thorough cleaning of your grow room.

Harvest and processing

Once you have laid the ideal foundation for good plant growth with our grow supplies, nothing stands in the way of a good harvest. For most gardeners, however, this is far from the end. After the harvest has been brought in, processing begins. For this purpose you will find numerous products in our offer, from trimmers to presses and pollinators. Whether vacuum oven, extractor of the products for drying and storage, with our help you process your harvest in the best possible way and at the same time create the conditions for the next sowing.

Do you still have questions about our grow supplies?

Of course we are always at your side with help and advice. Simply contact us and we will clarify your questions and advise you on the many options available with Plantplanet grow supplies.